SEO Pricing

Meteorsite is an SEO Agency and Consultancy.  We provide full organic SEO services with Web Development and Conversion Optimization as well. 


How much does SEO Cost?


SEO refers to a system or process of pushing a site higher or to the top of a Search Engine.  There are many ways to do this and these may be greatly dependent upon the specifics of each Client's site, keywords and competition. 

We tailor SEO campaigns to the topics that a client is seeking to rank for and generate qualified traffic from.


Why is this better?


This is a far better solution for the Client because you are receiving what you need versus what the SEO Company wants to sell you.  Most companies charge a set rate of a certain amount per month (e.g. $1,000 per month on an annual contract) or they sell SEO services based on the quantity of keywords you choose or "buy". 


"SEO Packages" are mixtures of different services with certain fixed amounts of each service.  For example you could receive 4 content pages, 10 blog postings, 20 backlinks and the optimization of a certain amount of META tags and other on-page optimization features for X amount per month for a year. 


This method does not take into consideration numerous vital aspects which are required for a successful SEO campaign:


It is not customized to the Client's site, topics, keywords or competition as each client will have variables that dictate the level of complexity of a campaign and therefore what is required for its success


It limits the amount of each aspect of SEO (e.g. if you have sufficient backlinks and require more targeted optimized content)


It can provide you things that you don't need (e.g. the backlinks in the previous example)


It often results in far less work for the SEO and over-charging for the services


It limits the amount of keywords that you're able to target


Meteorsite does 6-month campaigns as opposed to annual contracts.  This gives us sufficient time to show the desired results while providing the client with the opportunity to re-evaluate the campaign and to adjust it. 


We understand that a client will not continue with an SEO company if that company is not showing results so we provide quantitative results by providing the specific services that your campaign requires to achieve its goals.  A company doesn't keep clients by selling them what the company wants to sell them.


Why does Meteorsite charge this way?


We have been providing SEO services for over 14 years and are able to work quickly and effectively.


Is there a minimum charge?


We have a minimum of $500 per month.  The reason for this is that any less would constitute a waist of money on the part of the Client.  Above that we can work with any budget.


How should a Client consider a proper budget?


Beyond fiscal restraints, it is advisable that the Client understand that SEO is not an expense but an investment in their own success.  This is a key factor in considering a budget.  By spending more you will logically receive more and obtain your goals in less time.  Any commercial website (including ecommerce websites and even subscription editorial websites or any website that generates revenue from ads, etc) should be considered a revenue-generator and should therefore generate revenue. When deciding on the correct budget you should consider how quickly you would like to generate revenue or increased revenue and by what amount of increase. 


We can work with you to determine such important factors as your site's Conversion Rate, your Cost-per-Conversion, your Cost-per-Acquisition, your traffic statistics and what is a logical expenditure.  Many SEO/Conversion campaigns are actually quickly paid for or subsidized by increased revenue.


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