CRO - Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion-Rate Optimization (CRO) is a vital tool in increasing revenue and is one of the 3 Key Elements in a successful web campaign.

Optimizing conversions allows your site to "convert" more visitors to whatever your conversion mechanism is, be it sales, leads, subscriptions or otherwise.

This means that if you site receives 100 visitors per day and converts 2 of them - you have a 2% conversion rate.  SEO seeks to increase traffic to your website while Conversion Optimization seeks to increase the amount of those visitors.  An increase to 3% would mean an increase in revenue without increasing traffic to the site.

When these two distinct process happen together your site is able to receive more traffic and convert more of that traffic to revenue.


There are certain elements of a website or page that affect conversions more than others.


For example, if users can't find your 'search' field, or contact page, or pricing info within a few seconds they may click 'back' to Google and look for other sites.  For those searching locally (for example; a local user in Los Angeles will want to know where your store is located or what shipping and tax rates are applicable to California), if your site doesn't provide the info they need to make a fast decision (especially with mobile users) then you are probably losing out on sales.


Meteorsite takes a careful look at the paths down which the user continues on your site (your "Conversion Scenario") and we identify what's keeping your users from, for example, going past the Shopping Cart or Check-out page of your site, or why they're not signing up for your newsletter, etc.


These are usually attributed to your conversion scenario not making the user's job easy enough (ie. finding what they want quickly; buying what they want easily, etc).


This is the art of Conversion Optimization and it is essential to a top-performing website.  When planning a new site, it is imperative to consider your conversion scenarios before ever starting on design or development.  This is not something that should be left to the designer or the developer. That's like having the construction guy be the architect of your house, also - a bad idea. 


For existing sites we quickly identify problems in your Conversion Scenarios and offer solutions to overcome them.  These plans can be taken to your own in-house developer, or we can help you implement them.


CRO or Conversion-Rate Optimization helps both you and your visitors by providing them with what they're looking for and in less time; making their lives easier and increasing their confidence in your site.  It makes your life easier by increasing revenue, decreasing user frustration and complaints to customer service and this way everyone wins.

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