Meteorsite's Content Management System (CMS) Websites: SEO Built-In
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  • Content Management System (CMS) Websites

    Meteorsite designs and builds websites that offer you a profound advantage over your competitors.  A website can make a small company look large or a big company look small, and it doesn't just come down to the site's design.  In order for your site to out-perform competitor sites, it must include certain features for the most direct and profitable path to success.


    Design - It has to convey the theme of your project, be it clean and professional or creative and edgy. We work with you to choose the colors, styles and images that best suit your target market.


    Conversion - If you have too much info on your home page, you'll lose customers right off the bat.  Special consideration must be given to the placement, layout and prominence of every element on your site so as to create the most direct route for your 'visitor' to become a 'customer'. We develop "wire-frames" of your home page before it ever goes to the design stage, thereby giving the designer a 'blue-print' to follow that keeps your conversion-rate high.


    SEO - If your site's infrastructure is not developed with SEO in mind, you will find yourself in one of two positions: Trying to change your new site to meet best SEO practices, which cannot always be done, or, working within it's limitations when trying to optimize your website. We incorporate Search Engine friendly techniques right into the site, from the way the pages are named, the way directories and categories are structured, to the manner in which your content is displayed.


    Flexibility - If you have to wait on a web developer to make your content changes for you, you're costing your business time, money and flexibility. Act on new ideas, market trends and Analytics immediately without having to wait for or pay a developer to change your content or add new pages to your site.  With our sites, you can do it yourself in seconds.


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    Some of our Specialties:

    • Database-Driven Websites for the most up-to-date site content
    • E-commerce Websites (Dynamic and Static)
    • Social Networks, Blogs and other Social Media based websites
    • Media-Rich Websites, including, Flash, 3D Flash, and Streaming Audio & Video
    • Newsletter Modules (sub/unsubscribe, mass-mailing, user-info/data-mining)
    • Flash Demonstration Movies for Products, Entertainers and "Walk-throughs"



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    Effective White Hat SEO for eCommerce, International & Local Businesses from SEO professionals with over 15 years experience
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    Dynamic CMS websites for eCommerce, blogs, and businesses featuring SEO Built-In™ - so your SEO campaign launches when your site does.
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    Using a blend of methodology, copy, design and technology we convert more visitors into revenue
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    Building your brand's awareness, authority and reputation via key Social Media channels.