What is Local SEO?


Local SEO marketing refers to optimizing you website and content to rank well in the Search Engines for localized queries based on one or more geographic areas.  Some topics, vendors, service providers and  content will be general and specific to a search no matter where it originates (such as a search for “shoes”) as the term may relate to the subject in general or maybe found, as a product, on a nationally or internationally relevant ecommerce website.  However if one is looking for their local “shoe store” then only results local to their specific location will be desired or relevant.  Many Search Engines have built a localization aspect into their results which, based on the intent of the user as determined by the engine will return local results within the organic listings while all return localized result based on geo-related keywords (e.g. a zip code or city name).  So if I’m in Hollywood, CA and am looking for a shoe shop nearby then I may search for “shoe store Hollywood”.  The engine will already know that I mean Hollywood, California and not Florida as it can determine my location by my IP address. 

Some SEO companies provide Local SEO Services where they optimize the website and its content based on the physical geographic location of client.  This means that although they may not rank well for areas outside of their localized target (and they may not receive a large amount of traffic comparatively) they will however receive the type of traffic, geographically speaking, that would likely result in foot-traffic to their store or leads to their business.  Part of any decent local SEO service is the use of Social Media to connect local users (potential and past customers) to each other and to the client in order to provide an outlet for customer service, viral marketing and further opportunities for the vendor to entice this market to their business with timed events or special offers.

Some people even look for an SEO local to them so that they can speak directly with them, meet with them and have someone local who is familiar with the area which the client wishes to target.

For those looking to increase their knowledge of Local SEO they can utilize certain local SEO tools & software as well as guides on Local SEO.  Search Engines provide a wealth of Localized SEO tips, strategies, techniques, so we urge you to hop online and do a bit of research.

Search Engines also offer local SEO guides such as Google+ Local, Yahoo Local and Bing Local Business Search.  These local business directories and specifically geo-targeted Search Engines provide different results based on a local search query.  Such local business services require their own level of SEO expertise to rank well.

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