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    Link Building Post-Penguin

    Link Building is at the core of many Search Engines as a determinant of ranking.


    Did you know?  Google was originally founded on the idea of Author Co-citation Analysis and uses backlinks as relevant co-citations of your website/web-pages.


    Google relies heavily on Backlinks in determining the authority and relevance of your website. Google does, however, look at more aspects of Backlinks such as the length of time they've been existing, thematic relevance, and other parameters.  After the recent Panda and Penguin series of updates many have seen their backlinks become less valuable as Google attempts to refine what it considers valuable and remove the possibility of blackhat tactics and unnatural links from link-buying. 

    Note:  yes Panda can affect your backlinks as the content on the pages (which Panda relates to) must be targeted to the topic of the link.

    Some see this as bad news while we see it as an opportunity to build extremely high-quality links that will provide more benefit.  Google's Penguin update focused on such links and has changed the landscape of linking altogether.  Where links were once easy to get or buy they are now far more difficult as Google tightens their definition of a "natural" link.  Google's Panda update focused on the quality and relevance of a website or page and some websites linking to you may have themselves been devalued due to Panda which affects the amount of benefit transferred via the link.


    Link Building Services:


    Social Media, PR and outreach can directly affect the amount of links you have as viral dissemination of content can inspire syndication of your content with links back and get people talking about your content and sharing it.  Contact us today to learn about how ourr PR services can help you build natural links.


    Our Backlink specialists develop a strong SEO Backlink campaign based on the quality and resilience of the Backlinking site.


    We perform an in-depth analysis of potential LinkHosts and only place links where it will be relevant and advantageous.


    We also handle all aspects from finding the LinkHost to contacting them, creating the content and link and creating landing pages and conversion scenarios for the traffic that follows that link.


    Finally we use proprietary techniques to get new Backlinks included into Google's index despite it's Backlink filter and sandbox.


    All links are not created equal...buying links from link-vendors can hurt you more than it can help you. There are many things to consider when placing a link that will provide lasting results.


    *Backlinks: Links from other sites pointing to your site or links from within your site that point back to your site's URL


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