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    Social Media Marketing with Google+, Twitter, Facebook & moreSocial Media as a Signal

    Social Media Optimization is a driving force in branding and online promotion.  Social Media technologies available from Google+ to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and the myriad of others allows brands to connect with their customers - and customers to connect with others - in a method of viral marketing which increases customer retention and referrals by establishing and fostering trust between the user/customer and the brand. 

    Social Media is a "signal" or aspect which Search Engines use to rank websites.  One of the aspects of modern Search Engines, especially Google, is to provide results which are considered to be authoritative in their subject matter. Meteorsite helps you build your brand as an authority and manage your online reputation while driving qualified traffic to your website.

    Building Brand Awareness using Social Media Marketing

    We have more than a decade of experience working with building brand awareness and utilizing PR to generate "buzz".  We are keenly aware of how to build online authority in a brand by presenting the brand and its in-house knowledge base in a manner that demonstrates their authority over their products, services and subject matter.

    Social Media & Public Relations

    PR (Public Relations) is ever-more becoming a driving force in online marketing as it increases exposure to a brand, resulting in increased visitors to their site, increased followers on Social Media outlets, as well as interest in the media and online publications (via strategic Press Releases and direct contact with journalists and media outlets) , blogs and others which provide both citations and extremely high-quality natural links.

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    Building your brand's awareness, authority and reputation via key Social Media channels.