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SEO Training Courses & Classes


Some companies require Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing services yet choose to keep these services in-house.


Meteorsite offers one-on-one or group SEO training clases in Los Angeles that will prepare your staff to sufficiently optimize and monitor your site.




"Teach a man to fish and you teach him how to live." goes the old adage and we believe it.


With the right SEO Training your staff will learn how to optimize, analyze and market your site on the top Search Engines in both the organic and sponsored results as well as building authority and your Social Media base.


Our Los Angeles SEO Training includes:


In-Depth Competitive Analysis: Learn how to strip your competition down to it's optimized parts.


Panda-safe On-page Optimization: What makes a Title tag? How many key-terms do you use? What about Headers?


Post-Penguin Link Building: What sites are best to link from and how to get them to link. How to write the link, how to obtain guest blogging opportunities naturally, how to generate links naturally via Social Media, how to develop effective link-bait including leveraging targeted media from Infographics to Video.


Tracking: What software to use and what to look for. How to apply Analytics data to your SEO/SEM campaigns; How to generate custom reports that provide hidden data including the "Not Provided" keyword data.


Conversion: How to track conversions, determine conversion-issues from cart abandonment to technical issues, how to effectively A/B or Multivariate test and more.


SEO / SEM campaigns take time, effort and knowledge.


We provide weekly meetings to go over your results with you. You get the best of both worlds, the training you need to run your own campaign and a firm to assist until you are up and running in-house.


If you're a local Los Angeles company looking to hire an in-house SEO then have us help you interview them.  We can help you find the right person and qualify them so that you're confident you're getting your money's worth.


Contact us today for more information on Corporate or One-on-One Local Los Angeles SEO Training Courses:



Here are some excellent SEO Training Resources for the beginner which we recommend you familiarize yourself with: Beginner's Guide to SEO: Moz & Rand Fishkin present great resources for learning about, following and providing SEO.

Aaron Wall's SEO Book: Famous as an excellent resource for learning the elements of SEO.

Google Webmaster Central Blog: Information on Google's Search Engine, Algorithms and more.

Google's Videos for Webmasters:  Tips from Google that help you get found in their Search Results.

Search Engine Journal: Here are a number of links to other resources and courses for learning SEO. This is the source of information for providing Schema markup to your website.