Ecommerce SEO

eCommerce SEO

Optimizing Ecommerce Sites for Better Organic Rankings

Ecommerce websites require a specific approach to SEO.  If you're currently running an ecommerce site then you understand how important SEO is for driving relevant traffic.  Traffic directly relates to sales, and paid advertisements can be prohibitively expensive.


We offer a complete ecommerce SEO campaign which builds relevant unique content, fixes duplicate content issues, incorporates important coding from markup to "rel tags" such as canonicals, pagination, and other important tags for language, location, mobile and more. 


We perform a complete top-down analysis of your website to determine such things as your keyword focus, how your website is being crawled and indexed, how quickly it loads, its internal linking structure, conversion rates, and much more.

Unique Content is King When Optimizing Ecommerce Sites

As mentioned, unique content is vital to the success of an ecommerce website as many sites either have insufficient or low-quality descriptions or have manufacturer provided product descriptions which are used by many other websites.  We work with you to develop custom targeted content for your products that is optimized to rank well on the search engines while also converting users to sales.

Many ecommerce sites write content based which doesn't describe the featured product or category and most often they do not use the necessary keywords which are most relevant.  This lack of quality content leaves the site with mostly graphics and links, providing Search Engines little information to rank you.  

Our ecommerce SEO team will assist by writing customized content that uses the ideal keywords and terms which will inform Google and other Search Engines about the product and its benefits.  

Ecommerce Sites with SEO Built-In

Building SEO into your website's architecture is important to a successful SEO strategy.  Many "out of the box" website services have severe limitations in their technology which limit your ability to sufficiently optimize your website.

For those who wish to take advantage of an optimized website which will rank then we recommend a custom ecommerce site with responsive design which will work and look great on any screen-size while having the necessary elements of SEO built-in.

For those who prefer to use an "out of the box" platform we can optimize these sites using the best techniques available for each specific platform.  We also can balance out many of the technical issues these platforms have with targeted content, backlinks and other key strategies for building your site's quality.


Approaching Ecommerce SEO from Multiple Perspectives

One way in which we optimize ecommerce sites is from a technical perspective.  Our team analyzes your website to make sure that it has the correct hierarchical taxonomy and uses a correct nomenclature as well as other important elements (some referenced above).   

We locate and fix any technical issues which may cause your site to have issues.  Often sites may generate duplicate content automatically while others may rewrite your titles and descriptions or may block Search Engine spiders altogether.  It is vital to seek out and repair any such issues as they may be causing your website to have algorithmic penalties which, once fixed, will be removed.

Another key approach to optimizing ecommerce websites is by increasing their ability to convert visitors to sales.  

Conversion Optimization is important to make sure that you are converting the maximum percentage of visitors so that, when combined with an increase in traffic, your sales will grow exponentially.

We optimize eCommerce for many out-of-the-box platforms from Volusion to Shopify, SquareSpace and more.  We also can optimize customized WordPress sites.  

For the best results we develop custom eCommerce sites using our Dynamic Responsive Websites with SEO Built-In. 


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