SEO for Counter-Defamation

Some companies and individuals have sites that come up in the top results when you type their name into a Search Engine which are providing false and damaging information about them.


These sites benefit by damaging their reputation as they are disgruntled ex-employees, competitors, personal enemies, etc.


Defending against these sites through the courts can be a long and expensive proposition as the offender may reside in another state or country, or their postings are protected under free speech laws.


We provide a solution for cleaning these sites from the Search Engine Results using a mixture of SEO tactics from content creation to link-building, and other key SEO features..


Keeping your reputation clean is vital when doing business. A few bad statements and accusations can affect your business and personal life.


The only way to defend against these defaming sites is to push them down to the pages of the search engines that no one visits. This is done by creating multiple customized websites and optimizing them to rank above the defaming site. As each site gets placed above the target site it pushes them down a notch. By placing 10 to 20 sites above them you can effectively wipe them from the 1st two pages. As more than 90% of people do not venture past the 2nd page they will essentially be defeated. This service can continue to push them down further as needed.


The following services are available to defend against online defamation.


Counter-Defamation/Reputation Management Services:


In-depth analysis of the offending sites: We evaluate these sites and what they are doing to garner top ranking.


Site Creation: we create sites that relate to the target key-term. These are designed to provide a burst of key-term relevant content that induces the searcher to abandon their search.


Tracking: We track and report on advancements made by the defamers. Any advancement in their ranking, new pages added to the index, etc.


We are also able to defend against libel on blogs. The blogosphere has become a major tool for free speech, however, many use this tool for their own purposes and through which they defame the character of others. If you have been a victim of Blog-defamation then we are able to remove those blogs entries from the top search engine results pages.



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