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LA Web Dev Award Winner 2016

Award-Winning Websites

January 10th 2017

Meteorsite wins Best Web Design & Development Company Los Angeles for our SEO Built-In™ Websites.

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Why choose Meteorsite as your SEO Agency?



Meteorsite is Los Angeles' oldest and most experienced SEO agency; its founders having begun optimizing websites in 1998, formally launched Meteorsite in 2002. Since then we have worked with a wide array of clients from local small businesses to Fortune 500 and entertainment companies and personalities.


Our lead SEO is a veteran of The Walt Disney Company's Disney Internet Group who developed the position there which centralized all Search Marketing under one role for Disney's seven business units including Movies.com, Disney.com and ESPN.


Our lead Web Developer has been developing websites since 1998 for such notable personalities as Sly Stone, James Sanger, Jeff Ayeroff, The Pretenders, Burton Cummings and more.



Call us to see how we can apply this process to your business: 888-265-6007





eCommerce SEO: SEO for Joomla, Wordpress, Shopify, BigCommerce, Volusion and others


Optimizing for such out-of-the-box solutions as those listed above requires often differening approaches as each has its own abilities and limitations. Many require 3rd party plugins or customization which requires additional programming. Whether you have a services website built in Wordpress or a full eCommerce solution running your webstore; we'll implement the core essentials and advanced SEO techniques and strategies so that you can take advantage of the free traffic from organic search and social media.



Los Angeles eCommerce SEO Company - Meteorsite

Actual Client Example - Showing 2016


Local SEO

As a local SEO Company founded in 2002 we are uniquely equipped to provide advanced Search Engine Optimization recommendations as we’ve seen Google and other Search Engines launch, grow and evolve their algorithms.

We track and analyze each successive algorithm launch, update and refresh to make sure that the SEO we perform for our clients is both current and Whitehat (or abiding by the accepted best-practices provided by each respective Search Engine).

Our firm’s owners have 18 and 16 years of SEO experience respectively and bring this immense knowledge and experience base to each client campaign.

Our SEO philosophy centers around a balanced blend of relevant natural backlinks, semantically targeted content, optimized website architecture and internal linking structure as well as a reliance upon Conversion Optimization and Social Media.

For a free consultation or website evaluation please contact our SEO department at 888-265-6007.

~ Meteorsite SEO


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5-Benefits for SEO


1. Organic traffic converts 7-9 times better than paid ads

2. Once you are ranked you do not need to pay anyone to remain ranked

3. Organic SEO is far cheaper than paid advertising

4. SEO seeks to provide quality content and user experience so that you can grow your traffic and brand organically

5. SEO optimizes your entire site while paid programs use targeted landing pages; thus increasing your site's ability to convert





SEO Built-In™

Websites these days come in many shapes and sizes, some out-of-the box (like Joomla or Wordpress) or with eCommerce (like Shopify and Magento) while others are built from scratch. Many of these sites don't have the main elements of SEO built into them requiring additional plug-ins and additional optimization or development simply to allow for optimization.

Our Content Management System (CMS) websites have SEO Built-in which allows the core elements of Search Optimization to be included from the beginning. From Meta data to URL naming to you name it.

Contact us today for a free consultation to get you into a new mobile-friendly optmized website for a lot less than you think.





Making SEO Comprehensible


SEO is often a mystery and includes a range of highly-technical jargon that can easily confuse those who are not in the industry. All clients want to understand what is going on with their sites and what they're paying for. It is our job as SEOs to convey clearly what is going on, what has been done and what the results have been, as well as what our next steps are.


We take the time to explain our campaigns and results and make sure that our clients are fully aware of what is going on. Our reports are in layman's language and we minimize technical speak as much as possible.


We are also available to run through our reports at any time. We provide a truly boutique agency experience with the knowledge and experience of 20 plus years of hands-on SEO.

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Effective White Hat SEO for eCommerce, International & Local Businesses from SEO professionals with over 15 years experience
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Dynamic CMS websites for eCommerce, blogs, and businesses featuring SEO Built-In™ - so your SEO campaign launches when your site does.
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Using a blend of methodology, copy, design and technology we convert more visitors into revenue
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