What is SEO Ranking?


SEO Ranking refers to the position in a Search Engine (e.g. Google) for a particular keyword or keyphrase query where a page or pages of your website are shown.  Many SEO Companies and marketers utilize SEO ranking tools to scan the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) to find the exact position and report it back.  SEO Ranking is vital to the success of a campaign because it provides specific quantifiable results which can be used to determine the success or failure of a campaign.  SEO Rankings can also be used to determine if, and to what degree, a Search Engine’s algorithm may have changed and in what manner.  If many websites change rankings dramatically across a sector or range of relevant related keywords or terms in a very short time period then this change is likely to be based on an algorithm update.  Such changes allow SEOs to then research and determine the reasons for the change.  SEO software can be leveraged to track many websites to determine more specifically such changes. 

Many SEO ranking software tools allow for historical tracking of positions and keywords so that one can view how their campaign has changed over time which can help to quantify results based on expenditure to evaluate the fiscal return on investment for their SEO efforts.

SEO keyword ranking can also be leveraged to find keyword referrals that are no longer provided by Google.  By tracking rankings and changes in ranking one can see, to a certain degree, which keywords send what traffic and to which pages.

Most SEO companies and marketing professionals provide regular keyword ranking reports to their clients or bosses as a metric of the success of their campaigns.  Keyword ranking reports should include the keyword, the page(s) ranked, specific ranking (usually by position and or page/position), quantity of positions gained or lost, percentage of gain or loss and may also include other data such as quantity of monthly searches, conversions, bounce rate and possibly or graphs and charts which show loss/gain over time.