What is SEO Marketing?


SEO marketing refers to creating and implementing a decisive plan using SEO to market a website via the organic Search Engine results pages (SERPs).  More than just an SEO campaign which is designed to increase all or a part of your website’s organic rankings, SEO Marketing takes a 30,000 foot view with strategic goals and steps to achieve them.  This can be based on a marketing plan which can be implemented from a top-down perspective using all of the assorted aspects of Search Engine Optimization from link-building to onsite optimization, content creation & SEO copywriting, Social Media Optimization (SMO), among others which when combined and leveraged for the whole can produce increased visibility, viewership, interactivity, off-site commenting, sharing and natural backlink generation.

SEO Marketing companies utilize SEO tools and software to help them analyze their and competition’s websites and backlink profiles and to determine organic rankings, and most often allow for keyword research to find keywords which perform or require attention, semantic derivations of keywords like synonyms or related relevant terms and to then create targeted content based upon them.  Such content pages are then indexed and ranked within the Search Engines where they generate traffic.

SEO Marketing strategies depend on such analytics and data to custom tailor the marketing plan to the specific keyword requirements set forth by the relevancy of the website’s specific topics.  Google’s Hummingbird algorithm seeks, in large part, contextually relevant topics which incorporate the keywords in a natural language pattern.  It is important to optimize content based on topics as opposed to keywords only, thus increasing the topic relevance of the page and the site overall. 

Many SEO Marketing services utilize keywords as the basis for their billing and goals structures which we find to be in opposition to the success of a campaign.  As there are many keywords that are inherently relevant to a topic it should be topics which are the basis for SEO charges and goals.

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