What does Best SEO refer to?


Best SEO can refer to a number of different things.  Most often it is associated with a marketing slogan utilized by SEO agencies where they utilize the term in their website to rank well for people search using keywords such as “Best SEO Company” or “Best SEO Services”.  Such self-rating is completely arbitrary as the title is self-assigned and there is no official source for rating a company as the best. 

Another usage of the term Best SEO refers to best SEO practices or “SEO Best Practices” which relates to a standardized list of actions, techniques and theories which are commonly accepted by the SEO industry as effective in optimizing and ranking websites in the Search Engines.  Such SEO best practices are by no means tied to any official body but are implied to be best practices by experienced members of the industry. 

Search Engines themselves also provide certain best practices for optimizing for their specific engine.  Google, for example, provides such best SEO practices in their SEO Starter Guide and on their Webmaster Blog

As far as other “bests” in the SEO industry – many ask what are the best SEO tools and software, best SEO books, best SEO hosting, among others.  Once again there is no particular authority which defines what is best and anyone seeking either tools or software, books or hosting accounts for the purposes of learning or implementing SEO should utilize such services with caution and seek out peer-related information which is readily available online. 

Books on SEO can be beneficial for a basic understanding of the principals, theories, techniques and tools used for SEO but once again they should be approached with caution and should be evaluated, where possible, prior to purchasing.

Although every SEO software tool states that it is the best, there are many which are considered standards in the industry as they are utilized by a large number of professionals.  Some SEO tools are best for different areas of SEO such as for link-building, rank tracking, keyword research, onsite audits, Social Media performance, citations and mentions, reputation tracking and management, conversion optimization, content creation and more.  Most SEO software and tools offer limited free trials and it is highly advised that one utilize such trials to evaluate the benefits of the software.

Many Search Engines also offer free tools for many aspects of SEO such as Google Analytics, Adwords Keyword Planner, Webmaster Tools, etc.  Others are free for download and are highly regarded in the industry such as Screaming Frog.