What are SEO Services?


Seo services are services offered by an SEO company, agency, specialist or other which include a variety of offerings which attempt to rank a website higher in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) and to drive qualified traffic from other services such as Paid/Sponsored Search, Social Media, and other outlets.

Organic SEO services refer to those applied to ranking a website in the organic results in Search Engines.  These include the ten results that are not in the area marked “Sponsored Ads” or clearly marked as an ad.  Organic also includes local search results.  Most SEO companies offer this as a monthly SEO service where the client is charged monthly and provided with updates and reports on a monthly basis.  Many SEO providers also offer guaranteed SEO services which state that the provider will guarantee a certain level of success and if such is not attained then they will continue to work at either a reduced rate or for free until the goals are reached. 

Most common SEO service offerings include the following:

SEO Copywriting Services where textual content is created based on the target keywords.  With algorithmic updates such as Google’s Panda and Hummingbird algorithms it is vital that a website have topically related, unique and relevant content to support the keywords that they’re targeting. 

There are SEO copywriting services such as TextBroker (www.textbroker.com) that make obtaining SEO content easier.  There are also many in-house copywriters at SEO agencies and individual consultants who write content on a per-page or per-word basis. 

SEO link building servicesprovide backlinks (links from other websites to yours) that transfer PageRank and “juice” or relevance and value to your website.  With Google’s Penguin Algorithm and it’s update Penguin 2.0 it is vital to obtain backlinks in as natural a manner as possible as attempting to game the system can get your website penalized either algorithmically (i.e. in an automated fashion) or manually by Google’s Spam Team.  Such penalties (especially manual ones) can be very difficult to recover from often requiring a written request to Google to reconsider your website for inclusion in their index.

Many SEO agencies offer video SEO services where videos are created for specific topics and keywords and are promoted online via established video content aggregators like Youtube, which is owned by Google.  Video is one of the most effective ways to market online, especially using Social Media, so video SEO services can be very effective in generating traffic to a website.  Most SEO video marketing services require more than just creating and posting a video.  They require proactive optimization and marketing to generate “buzz” while leveraging the viral power of Social Media to build a fan base around the video piece or channel.  Youtube offers a number of statistics and metrics that can help to define the quality and success of the campaign, which when used along with Google (or another) analytics software can help to provide additional powerful insights into your visitors and which content on your site was successful and which wasn’t.

When determining whether an agency or professional provides affordable SEO services one should determine first their SEO budget and then do a certain amount of legwork researching the specific services required for the campaign and which are offered by the provider.  There are many articles, reports and surveys online that illustrate standard SEO pricing so it is advised to review these before contracting an SEO company.