Optimizing your URLs for SEO can appear tricky.  How do we optimize the URL structure?  This can seem straight-forward as you might just say "put the keywords in there".  This is true but we take in mind that there are numerous ways to refer to the same keywords and there are limits on the amount of keywords you should use in the URL.


When considering the keywords to place in the URL we look at the theme or message of the page and begin outlining the correct keywords that should be used which match and describe the content.


We then use the keywords that are best fit and use them in a way that is not considered "Spam" or seeking to game Google's algorithm.


When determining which keywords to use in your domain name we consider whether you want to go with a brand name or a keyword laden name.  Keywords in the URL and especially the domain name really can affect the optimization and hence your ranking in the editorial results of the Search Engines.


SEO of URLs can get more complicated when you consider a lot of pages and especially pages with similar keyword focus.  This means that we need to consider the priority of the keywords and the content.


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