Great ways to optimize your Welcome email for more opens and clicks

Optimizing your Welcome Email for SEO, Conversions and Opens

Optimizing your Welcome Email for Better Opens and Click-Throughs!


Emails come in different flavors


The signup/welcome email is a vital 1st impression.  This email sets the pace for all future emails and introduces your top-level brand design to them.  This means that they see the layout and brand-related graphics.  This places your overall email design into the “OK” box in their minds; they now have accepted your email and recognize it.  If it is great then they’ll be more likely to open future ones. 


Hook them in the beginning


Begin with giving them some information to devour and some added bonuses.  They’ve opted in and have received the “welcome” email.  This is your chance to set the email relationship with them.


In the “welcome” email you should provide them with a few things that will benefit them.


·         Brand creative:


Your creative should be more than just an image inserted with the logo and a few bits of information in it.  You should have a full website-like template that is branded and which remains the framework for all future emails.  Remember that this should be responsive for desktop and mobile.  

Also this design can easily incorporate a full menu and other key information that you have on your website’s header such as contact information.



·         Welcoming intro:


Your “welcome” paragraph should not be “salesy”.  Include their first name to personalize it.  This should be inserted straight from the data base.  You can even offer a new field for “nickname” which you can use for things such as emails and future personalize correspondence. 



Thank them directly for signing up.  Make this large and front-and-center.



You can then present the following:



o   FAQ


§  Here you want to mention the top most asked questions and quick answers to them or have the questions linked to the responses on the website.  This gets them key answers quickly and also gets them back to the website.


o   Specials


§  List either some great discounts, deals or specials which are already on the site or do that plus provide them with a nice discount coupon to use on their first purchase. 


§  This is also a great time and place to put out a few of your featured  products.


o   Informative content


§  Next you can include a few pieces of content with thumbnails and links to the full articles.  These can include whatever your latest piece of content is; a buyer’s guide to your products; an article, video, etc.



Sharing is caring


Make sure that you offer links to share on Social Media.  Someone may want to share an article right from their email box.



Hope these help you in crating a fun and highly successful Welcome email!