SEO Ethics Policy


To be a first-tier Search Engine Optimization Firm we must adhere to a strict code of ethics as laid out by the Search Engines whom we are targeting for optimization.

Meteorsite understands that the core function of a Search Engine is to provide relevant results through the organic SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). Therefore, in order to rank high in the Search Engines we must make our client sites relevant to their target keywords.


Ethical Organic SEO: Optimizing for the organic search results without resorting to "Blackhat" tactics.


"Blackhat" refers to those tactics that are banned by Search Engines because they mislead not only the Search Engine algorithm but also the searcher.


"Blackhat" tactics include but are not limited to:


  • "Spamming"; using the same word(s) repeated over and over on a page.
  • "Invisible Text"; this involves placing text on a page in a color that matches the background of the page, thus rendering the text invisible.
  • "Cloaking"; using such things as META refreshing, Mouseover scripts, server-side redirects and other techniques that send one page to the SE spider and another page to the searcher. This tactic will surely get your site banned.
  • "Doorway Pages"; creating pages specifically for the SE spiders that don't connect to the rest of your site is a process that is viewed with skepticism by most SEs.
  • Others


Meteorsite uses your site's content and keywords to develop relevance throughout your site. We pair this with targeted relevant Backlinks to provide a balanced optimization.


We pride ourselves on being Google Certified, Yahoo! Ambassadors and in adhering to the standards of MSN.

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