SEO Analysis

What does the term "SEO Analysis" mean?


SEO is by no means a plug-and-play solution.  To perform Search Engine Optimization correctly one must understand the playing field in relation to a Client's specific website, keywords, competition and more.  To understand this we perform the SEO Analysis.

To begin we build the all-important Master Keyword List which is a prioritized list of keywords, keyterms and keyphrases that we wish to target.  We then analize the Client's site (if they have one) and determine the extent to which it is currently optimized for those keywords.  We also determine the competition for each of the main target keywords and perform an analysis on them to determine how well they are optimized.  This establishes the "bar" for the rest of the campaign.


SEO Analysis versus Web Analytics:

The analysis of your website includes Web Analytics such as Google Analytics, Omniture's Site Catalyst, etc.  These Web Analytics track traffic to your website, where that traffic came from, where they went on your website, which keywords they used to get there and this information is also used to assist in Coversion Optimization which requires it's own Conversion Analysis.


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