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Organic SEO: The steps to a successful SEO campaign include the following:


•  Site analysis: We perform an overall analysis on the site while taking heed of such things as design, layout, navigation, Meta tags, web copy, architecture, nomenclature and more.


•  Dynamic Optimization: Any dynamic programming or site architecture can be modified either in a manner that allows for optimization or one in which the necessary content pages that are not optimized will have optimized static-versions made available. Code will be placed in the original pages to avoid mirroring.


•  Keyword Research : We create a list of competitive keywords relating to the site and subject matter. Keyword research is done to maximize the impact of optimization.


•  Geo-Targeting: We can focus on a local, national or international campaign, as well as a major metro-area campaign. This will focus on the top 10-20 metro areas whose residents may search by keyword + city name. This way your services are local to everyone.


•  Competitive Analysis: The competitive analysis is used to determine the level of difficulty in ranking the site higher than the competition. It is also used to determine if and how the competition is actively optimizing their websites.


•  SEO Copywriting: This is the writing of custom text in such a way that it becomes Search Engine-friendly while remaining appealing to the surfer. We will enhance the copy of your existing pages and create targeted custom pages on which to place the copy.


•  Search Engine and Directory Submissions: We use our own techniques to get pages spidered and indexed in a period of days to a few weeks. We also submit to the top Internet directories, such as DMOZ, Yahoo and others.


•  Short-term/long-term focus: We will develop certain pages for short-term results while optimizing the remainder of the site for the long-term.


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