Websites with SEO Built-In

Meteorsite not only builds the most commonly-requested features into every site, we include several amenities that take your site to the next level of flexibility and performance.


Unlimited pages at no additional cost

Want to add a new page?  Easy, just click on the "Add a Page button", name the page, then click SAVE.  This new page link will instantly appear in the navigation menus of the site.


Search Optimization: SEO Built-In™

We build search engine optimization into the infrastructure of each CMS website we develop, ensuring that your site starts off strong on the search engines from the moment it launches. 


Category Organizer

An easy drag & drop organizer lets you select the catagory in which you want your new page to appear.  Move sub-pages from one category to another with easy drag & drop capability.


Hover drop-down navigation menus

Hover your mouse over an item in the navigation menu (just like on this site) and a secondary (and if desired, even a 3rd level) of navigation menu will be displayed, allowing your visitors to find what they're after in the shortest possible time - this is an important goal of converting visitors into customers. 


Instant website publishing

Edit, update or delete the text, title and meta information as much as you like.  Just click SAVE to instantly publish your changes to the web, completely avoiding the hassles of FTP procedures as well as waiting on or paying for a web developer to make the changes for you. This means a savings for you.


We've designed this CMS interface to be easy to operate and flexible enough to meet your increasing needs as a business-owner, allowing you to focus on your business and not your site.


Every CMS website we develop includes free training and ongoing customer service to help you navigate and manage your site effectively.


Work with us: Email Meteorsite or call us now at 1-888-265-6007 to find out more.


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