Hi folks... I know that the title of the post seems strange since Penguin has been rolled into the core Hummingbird Algorithm but we've seen a great rise in a specific site that we cleaned out a ton of spam commenting from.

The site took a long dive after a glitch allowed for spam comments to be allowed and they didn't follow up for a while to delete them so they accumulated. Google took notice and Penguin downed them.

After we found and fixed the issue we waited and waited and then after about 2 months (June 18th) we saw a considerable rise in rankings across the site.

Now Penguin is supposed to be refreshing automatically but we saw a couple month delay and since this was primarily a link issue (although the comment spam does affect site quality as well) we see that either Penguin is still taking some time on refreshing or sites may be subjected to sand-boxing or being put on a temporary watch-list to see if they keep their noses clean, as it were.

Let us know if you have seen anything in your stats.

Feel free to submit comments (unless its spam! :) )

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